GPSM is an auditing company active in traditional fields, which focuses specifically on consultancy, services provision and auditing in sustainable material flow management.

Sustainable economic activity, and the related responsibility for the next generation, are now required of all socially relevant groups. Climate change, scarcity of resources, pollution and demographic change all require greater engagement with the topic of sustainability. Consumers, investors and other stakeholders require sustainability in production and in the supply chain, meaning that economic success also increasingly depends on it. Yet only those who recognise the expectations and requirements of the different interest groups at an early stage can also take them into account in their business strategies and incorporate them into their business processes.

Compliance includes adherence to and monitoring of laws, regulations, internal standards and voluntary codes within a company. Topics such as product liability, capital market law, data protection, environmental and foreign trade legislation or the competition regulations are important non-financial performance fields for business success; all companies today require intelligent and reliable management of these topics.

Sustainability has not yet been unequivocally defined; however, it covers the optimisation of material flows, which means increasing the recycling rate of valuable materials that can be used for several consecutive product life cycles. This is certainly a topic that can be subsumed under the umbrella term “sustainability”.

Processes and controls are also essential in sustainability management. We will help you to identify relevant risks, formulate specific control objectives and implement the controls (an internal control system). We check existing control systems for the suitability and effectiveness of relevant internal controls.

Regarding waste legislation, we have current information on ongoing legal developments, amendments being implemented by the Central Packaging Register, stiftung elektro-altgeräte register [the Used Electrical Equipment Register, a charity], the German federal states and what is happening on the market, and can on this basis support you to achieve your compliance, strategy and profitability goals at the same time.

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