The period within which the stakeholders could submit to the catalogue of packaging subject to inclusion, the draft of which was published by the Central Packaging Register, ended on 21 September 2018. Stakeholders are, in particular, manufacturers of packaging subject to inclusion in a mandatory system (“initial distributors”), distributors of packaging subject to inclusion in a mandatory system (Section 3(16) of the Packaging Act), operators of industry solutions and auditors of declarations of completeness and systems auditors. The option to submit an opinion was extremely popular. The catalogue will be published on the Central Packaging Register’s website in the autumn.

The catalogue is not legally binding on the stakeholders. The Central Register can establish the system inclusion requirement of packaging by administrative act per individual packaging and per applicant only (pursuant to Section 26 (1)(2)(23) of the Packaging Act). These administrative acts may be reviewed by the administrative courts in legal proceedings.